Plan Bay Area supports the vitality of existing communities by focusing the lion’s share of investments on maintaining and boosting the efficiency of the existing transit and road system. These transportation investments act as magnets for job growth and new homes in these areas.

The Plan Bay Area interactive project map is a tool that allows you to see and explore the Bay Area’s 100 largest transportation projects (in terms of cost) in a simple and easy-to-use format. Whereas regional planning focuses on the overall health of the entire region, this interactive map site is all about allowing users to zoom in on individual transportation projects. In other words, this map is designed to help visualize the major transportation investments outlined in the currently adopted Plan Bay Area, approved by MTC and ABAG in July 2013.

The interactive project map displays information by project category—road pricing, highway, and transit—and allows users to choose whether to view these projects on top of street-level, region-centric or satellite maps. A general project description, along with more in-depth information about the project’s location, sponsor, expected completion date and cost, is provided. A photo and rendering gallery also is included for many projects.

We hope you enjoy your exploration of this map and data and find it useful in identifying the investments the Bay Area is making in its regional transportation network.

Project Layers

Basemap Layers

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No Project Selected: Please use the map to select a project. Click on a colored point, line or area to view project information here.

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Showing distribution of all major projects
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Showing distribution of all major projects
*Project start/completion defined by construction start/completion

How to use the Plan Bay Area interactive project map

Step 1: Select Project Layer(s) & Base Map
  • Project Layers: Select/Deselect the type of project(s) you want to view/hide by clicking on the type under Project Layers:   (Road Princing),   (Highway), or   (Transit) *All project layers are selected by default. Multiple Project Layers may be selected at a time.
  • Basemap Layer: Select the Base Map you want to view:   (Bay Area Focus *default),   (Plain),   (Street), or   (Satellite). Only one Base Map may be selected at a time.
Step 2: Zoom In/Out, Pan, Select Counties
  • Zoom in | out: Click |  (located on the top right of the map) to zoom in or out of the map.
  • Pan: Left click and hold the map (or press and hold for touch screen users) to move the map in the direction where you want to view. *For touch screen users: swipe to the right to show the western map extent and swipe to the bottom to show the northern map extent.
  • County Selection: Click the dropdown menu  (located on the top right of the map) to view projects by region or by county.
Step 3: Find Projects on the Map

Click on a project on the map (shown as colored points, lines or shaded areas) to view the project information on the left panel (Note: this information appears below the maps for smartphone users or for viewing on narrower windows.)

Step 4: Explore Advanced Control Features

Click on Layer Options / Legend  (located in the header, above the map) to open the side control panel showing more map display controls, options and the map legend.